The National Youth Service (NYS) recruitment is now in full swing across the country, with the government aiming to bring in 15,000 recruits, both men and women, during the next five days.

Prospective candidates, aged 18 to 25 and Kenyan citizens, are required to have attained a D (plain) in their KCSE exams and possess a certificate of good conduct.

NYS, in a statement, expressed gratitude for the impressive turnout and punctuality of potential candidates. According to the Public Service Cabinet Secretary, Moses Kuria, a distribution plan has been released, detailing the allocation of recruits per ward.

In a friendly appeal, Kuria urged county leaders and stakeholders to ensure a fair and transparent recruitment process. “Since I have published the number of NYS slots for each of our 1,450 wards, it is up to you to monitor and ensure that the exercise that kicks off tomorrow is fair and transparent, and your wards get their rightful share. It is time to fix this country once and for all. The Price of Freedom is Vigilance,” he emphasized.

Compliance with the outlined recruitment program, specifying the distribution of NYS recruits per ward, was underscored as crucial for the success of the initiative.

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