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Modern cars are huge data collectors. Not only data about the wear of the brake pads, but the user agreements of car manufacturers often also state that personal information may be collected.

Since the 1970s, computers have been installed in cars that ensure that the car can be managed and controlled more intelligently, for example to monitor wear on parts or to check whether components are still properly adjusted to each other.

But a recent survey of 25 car manufacturers in the United States showed that they do not take ‘privacy’ very seriously. All 25 manufacturers surveyed collect more data than necessary; the vast majority also resell this information or cannot guarantee that the data will be kept safely.

Personal information

The user agreements show that in principle they may use all data (including that from cameras in the car) for their own purposes. For example, car manufacturers keep track of which apps you use on your infotainment system. Data is also collected about your heart rhythm and the level of fatigue and is sent to other parties via APIs. Only Renault and Dacia offer you as a user the option to have your own data deleted.

The worst scoring car brands were Tesla and Nissan. Nissan’s American privacy statement even states that the company can, among other things, pass on sexual activity, health diagnoses and genetic information for targeted marketing…

One caveat: the study focused on the United States, so the conclusion probably cannot be transferred 1-to-1 to other regions. But it seems almost certain that car manufacturers are collecting a lot of data everywhere. Also data that they should not/should not collect at all.

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