In the latest installment of The Small Business Show, we delve into the significance of cultivating a strong presence on LinkedIn and the strategies to establish it effectively. Our guest for this episode is Lorraine K. Lee, the visionary founder of RISE Learning Solutions, a Stanford instructor, renowned keynote speaker, and a LinkedIn Learning instructor. Lee’s accolades include being recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice, with an impressive following of over 300,000 LinkedIn users.

Entrepreneurs are urged to prioritize building a robust LinkedIn presence, considering it functions as a contemporary online landing page. In the age of digital exploration, individuals and businesses alike are commonly researched through their LinkedIn profiles before other platforms.

Key Insights:

A recent study by the RAIN Group reveals that 82% of potential buyers visit LinkedIn profiles before responding to prospecting efforts. This underscores the necessity of a meticulously crafted LinkedIn page, capable of establishing credibility and enhancing business awareness.

Entrepreneurs aspiring to create a compelling LinkedIn profile should concentrate on key elements. Optimization is crucial for effectiveness, beginning with a high-quality professional photo exuding approachability, complemented by a compelling headline surpassing mere job titles. Integration of industry-specific keywords, and a polished background photo, completes the foundation.

In the era of remote work, entrepreneurs can infuse more personality into their profile photos while adhering to certain parameters, maintaining a business casual tone.

Lorraine K. Lee notes a shift from a time when LinkedIn resembled Facebook, with businesses sharing behind-the-scenes content. However, feedback prompted a move towards a more professional tone in posts.

Lee introduces “non-obvious” LinkedIn best practices, including leveraging the pronunciation recording feature for a quick personal or business pitch. The “Creator Mode” feature allows entrepreneurs to showcase media-rich content, enhancing the visual appeal of their profile.

Entrepreneurs hesitant about LinkedIn posting are encouraged by Lee to start with a monthly post, creating a content calendar for stress reduction. Seeking input from peers and cultivating a supportive network is beneficial. Lastly, active engagement through comments on others’ posts is an effective way to exhibit professional personality and generate meaningful content.

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