By using smart devices, people tend to leave more and more tasks and skills to the device and they are less able to do things for themselves. For example, in the early years of car navigation, motorists blindly followed their navigation device and drove into a river because the ferry was not there, or they had no idea where they were if their car broke down. And let’s be honest, how many telephone numbers do you still know by heart? After all, they are now all stored in the phone that you carry in your pocket. But what if you forget your phone or leave it somewhere? Research also shows that the more people rely on the navigation system in the car, the less aware they are of their surroundings. In short, smart devices make life a lot easier, but as a result we humans are also in danger of forgetting certain skills, such as navigating or remembering telephone numbers.

Language trainer

The same goes for learning a foreign language. It is of course easy to have an email or message drawn up by ChatGPT or Google Translate, but that does not really contribute to your language skills. What does help is to compose a message yourself, and then put ChatGPT to work with the following prompt: ‘Correct this text, highlight the changes and then explain them in English‘. You will then see exactly which changes have been made and why this has been done, so that you can train yourself and permanently increase your language knowledge.

This way you will not only send correctly formulated emails and messages, but you will also gain more insight into the grammar and syntax of the language you are learning. This means that eventually you no longer need AI, because you fully master the language.

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