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The integration of the popular ChatGPT chatbot into Microsoft’s Bing search engine has not led to an increase in market share. Bing’s market share even decreased slightly in 2023 compared to 2022.

With the integration of ChatGPT in Bing, Microsoft hoped to gain market share from Google. Instead of providing references to other websites in response to a question, Bing immediately provides a more comprehensive answer. For example, it provides direct advice on how to lose weight, instead of referring to websites that provide tips and advice on a healthier lifestyle, as Google does.

In February this year, when the new Bing was launched, its market share in the United States was 6.35%. In March, the market share peaked at 6.61%, before falling to 6.47% in July. However, in 2022, Bing’s market share exceeded 7%, peaking at 7.82% in November.

Market shares worldwide

Globally, Bing’s share of the search market was 2.99% in July this year. It reached its highest market share in January of this year, with 3.03%. In 2022, Bing’s market share will exceed 3%. Ten years ago, Bing’s share of the search market was 17.9%…

Although Microsoft disputes the new figures, the July search engine rankings show that Bing is the second search engine in the United States with just over 2% market share, and the fourth global search engine with 1%. Second place is the Chinese search engine Baidu with 4.9% and the Russian search engine Yandex in third place with 3.2%.

And, the trend is not very positive, as the number of visitors to Bing fell by 6% between February and July of this year.

These figures not only show that Bing’s attack on Google has failed for the time being, but also that the dominant position of Google’s search engine in the search market is still untouched, with market shares of 78.9% (worldwide) and 92.8% in the United States.

And that’s not only because Google is also busy integrating chatbots and AI into the search engine, and because Google Search is installed on many devices by default, but also because it is very difficult to get people to switch from their trusted search engine, as the superior search engine Neeva discovered.

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