Meet TausiApp, the Kenyan startup changing the beauty game by connecting freelance beauticians with clients, all thanks to the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Launched in 2021 by Amos Kimani, a well-known musician in Kenya, TausiApp acts as a cool marketplace where people can easily discover and book various beauty services, from hairstyling to makeup, provided by a talented pool of verified beauticians.

Amos Kimani, the brains behind TausiApp, had a lightbulb moment while working on music videos and struggling to book on-site beauty services. Inspired by the simplicity of ride-hailing apps, he envisioned a platform that links freelancers in the beauty industry with clients in need.

TausiApp’s mission is to empower beauticians by giving them a platform to showcase their skills, get more clients, and enjoy self-employment. Kimani emphasizes the importance of quality control to ensure clients receive top-notch beauty services. Through TausiApp, beauticians can grow their businesses independently, and clients get to enjoy convenient and professional beauty services right at their doorstep.

What sets TausiApp apart from the competition, such as BeautyLynk, StyleSeat, and GlamSquad? According to Kimani, it’s their unique focus on empowering freelance beauticians, ensuring top-notch services through AI-driven matchmaking, and creating a transparent and fair marketplace for both clients and beauticians.

The platform has gained traction in the business-to-business (B2B) sector, clinching deals with more than 25 boys’ high schools for student grooming within school premises. TausiApp has also teamed up with tour and travel companies to offer on-demand beauty services, like massages and manicures, to tourists in popular destinations like Cape Town and Mombasa.

While the business-to-consumer (B2C) segment has presented challenges, TausiApp has still managed to attract over 20,000 clients, primarily from weddings and gated communities. Kimani acknowledges the hurdles in reaching a broader B2C audience but highlights the existing client base as proof of TausiApp’s relevance and necessity.

To reach more people, TausiApp is on a mission to expand and make its product accessible to a wider consumer base. How? By seeking additional funding. After securing a US$100,000 pre-seed round from Adanian Labs Africa in 2022, which helped kickstart the platform, TausiApp is actively looking for more funds through a seed round to fuel further growth and expansion.

With its commission-based model, TausiApp has already made significant strides in the Kenyan, Tanzanian, and South African markets. But the journey doesn’t end there – the startup is exploring opportunities in new markets to keep the beauty revolution going.

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