Step by step process for registering on HEF portal

In response to the challenges faced by public universities and TVET colleges in Kenya, the President introduced the New Funding Model (NFM) on May 3, 2023. The NFM aims to tackle issues arising from massive enrollment and insufficient funding by adopting a student-centric approach.

Under this innovative model, universities and colleges transition from traditional block funding to a comprehensive system integrating scholarships, loans, and household contributions. The Means Testing Instrument (MTI) determines fund allocation on a graduated scale, exempting extremely needy students from fees.

To facilitate the application process, the Higher Education Financing (HEF) Portal has been established. This portal serves as the gateway for students to access education loans and scholarships under the NFM. Registration on the HEF Portal is the crucial first step for students seeking financial assistance in Kenya.

HEF Portal Registration: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step What to do
1Visit HEF Portal Go to to initiate the registration process.
2Click on the Register Button Once on the HEF Portal website, click the “Register” button to commence the registration for a new HEF Portal account.
3Specify ID Number Indicate whether you possess an ID Number. If yes, input your ID Number, First Name (matching the ID), and select the Type of ID (Kenyan ID card or Alien ID card). Click “Validate” to confirm accuracy.
4Fill in HEF Portal Registration Form After validation, complete the registration form by providing a valid Email Address, confirming it, entering a Password, and completing the Captcha Challenge. Click “Register” to proceed.
5Activate HEF Portal Account Check your email for a notification. Click on the activation link to confirm your registration. Upon activation, log in to your new HEF Portal account using your email and password.
Step-by-step process of registering on HEF portal

Upon successful registration, a notification will guide you through the activation process. It’s crucial to activate your account within 24 hours to avoid re-registration.

Note: During your initial login, you’ll be prompted to verify your mobile number using the verification code (OTP) sent via SMS. Input the code to access your HEF Portal account dashboard.

The HEF Portal registration process is straightforward, requiring only your ID Number, Email Address, and Mobile Number. Follow these steps with the provided requirements to seamlessly register on HEF Portal and unlock the doors to educational funding in Kenya.

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