What does a leave management software do?

It’s time to add sanity back into the process of approving time-off requests. A leave management software allows small businesses to easily approve time-off requests from employees. Additionally, employees have a dedicated mobile application for indicating unavailability. With an automated leave management software, no more lost papers or checking up on your employer for that approval.

Why automate leave management in Kenya?

Let’s face it, with a growing staff, it can be hard to remember who needs time off when. With a leave management software, employees don’t have to fill out leave request forms anymore, as they can easily access and manage all employee information in real-time.

The only thing more annoying than someone asking for time off is your employees constantly checking for approval.  With the use of a leave management tool, your business can say “no” to request anxiety and “yes” to employee happiness.

Consider it a time-saving and relatively easy way to stay organized.  It’s very cumbersome chasing down co-workers and pestering HR for time-off approval. As a business owner, your team deserves the right tools to make work-life balance easy and fun and that is what a time-off request tool will get you.

3 benefits of a leave management system in Kenya

  • Instant approval of requests – A leave management tool can help business owners and HR managers approve or deny time-off requests on the go. Employees can send a time-off request through the employee mobile app and the employer can instantly approve or reject requests.
  • Notification on leave request response- With an automated leave management tool, employees don’t have to keep checking up on you to find out whether their request has been approved or rejected. A leave management module allows employees to be notified when a time-off request has been approved or rejected through the mobile app in real-time. This reduces the time a request is approved or rejected while also removing the anxiety that comes with saying no to your employee.
  • The power of self-service technology- A best-in-class leave management system makes requesting for time-off as easy as requesting an Uber ride. This innovation allows employees to request for time-off while also accessing the response in real-time with no need for physical contact or numerous visits to the HR department. The services can be accessed as a mobile application allowing employees to have a dedicated channel for leave management.

Comprehensive leave management tool

If you are considering a leave management system, then you should look ideally for an integrated human resource information system. As such, it streamlines the way small businesses manage time-off for their employees and provides employees a straightforward and easy-to-use mobile app for requesting time off, and management an efficient web application to approve these requests.

With this in place, employees can easily indicate their unavailability, eliminating the hassle of clunky time-off request forms by hand. Together with an integrated scheduling module, managers can have up-to-date information on which of their employees are scheduled to work at a specific date and time.

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