How to automate leave management for small businesses

An employee absence management tool is something that small businesses need to have. After all, managing your employees’ leave requests can save you money and make sure they don’t forget to take the time they are entitled to.

There is an absence management tool suitable for small businesses. As such, it allows small businesses to easily approve time off requests from employees, as well as employees have a dedicated mobile app for requesting and indicating unavailability.

What is an employee absence management tool?

When an employee requests time off, it makes your heart skip a beat and then slowly trickle down to your toes. This can be a valuable member of staff key to a critical project-what are you going to do? Solution: HR platforms with leave management capabilities can help, replacing the email and excel spreadsheets most  businesses use with an intuitive mobile app and web-based software.

Absence management software can give business owners and managers much needed insight to manage their workforce and approve time off. Additionally, this insight can be crucial in processing payroll especially for shift workers. Hence, this software can be a powerful absence management tool for managers of hourly workers.

Benefits of time off software

Can you afford to constantly annoy your employees by not approving their leave requests on time? And, are you tired of paper administration of leave requests from employees? That’s when you know you need to automate your time off approval process.

An all-in-one HR software that automates leave approvals and offers a mobile app for requesting/ approving time off and showing unavailability is the way for you. Also, managers can use integrated scheduling feature to make changes to shift changes and publish it to employees easily.

Leave approval can be an inefficient cycle for small businesses.  How many days have employees lost to leave request approvals because of manual processes? With the use of absence management software all your limitations can be a thing of the past.

Employee absence management tool in Kenya

Incorporating a leave management system in your business is a recommendation to anybody who is trying to be more productive in the workplace and trying to make their jobs simpler. The employee absence management tool enables managers to manage time off requests in a friendly, informed manner. As such, the hassle of filling paper forms is eliminated leave employees to bask in the satisfaction of all of their hard work.

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